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Armstrong Chamber Concerts is a not-for-profit, chamber music organization founded 25 years ago by internationally known concert violinist, Helen Armstrong. Helen Armstrong

ACC’s mission was to broaden public interest in and knowledge of chamber music through performance and education. The heart of this mission is to bring musical education to public school systems and private schools through its Students' Music Enrichment Program. ACC’s reputation has been built on the world- renowned artists who performed with Helen Armstrong in varying combinations with a repertoire that spaned the musical spectrum.

In the past, ACC had presented a concert series from October through June in Greenwich and New Milford, CT as well as New York City.

Itzhak Perlman, Skitch Henderson, Peter Duchin, Kathie Lee Gifford and Hugh Downs have all contributed their talents to support ACC's artistic goals.

ACC’s primary activities are:

• Series Concerts: A critically acclaimed concert series performed in Greenwich and New Milford, Connecticut, as well as in New York City.
  (due to the sudden death of our beloved Helen Armstrong we no   longer have a concert series)

• Students' Music Enrichment Program: An in-school program to enhance existing music programs or initiate new ones in public and private schools.

• Salon Concerts: Intimate concerts in private homes to revitalize the original meaning of chamber music.

• Community Outreach: Includes concerts in senior citizen centers, libraries, concerts for town events and a prison series.

• Benefit Concerts: Performances primarily organized for major charitable causes, which also benefit ACC’s charitable activities.

• Corporate Concerts: Sponsored by corporations and businesses for their own special events, such as annual meetings.


For twenty-five years ACC has serviced the communities in which it performs in many ways.

• Concert series in five regions which have brought outstanding artists in performances of chamber music to thousands of people.

• Accolades from the press for its outstanding quality of performances and contributing to numerous communities

• Music Enrichment Programs which have exposed over 100,000 school children attending public and private schools in grades K-12 to a variety of learning experiences.

• Benefit concerts performed with Itzhak Perlman, Skitch Henderson, Peter Duchin, Kathie Lee Gifford and others in support of ACC’s charitable causes.

• The Danbury Correctional Institute, Senior Citizen centers, libraries and our series have benefited from ACC’s activities.

• Corporate Concerts were initiated in 1997.

• ACC’c two CD’s - Reflections and Illusions

ACC’s Board of Advisors has included such personalities as the late Mr. Avery Fisher and Dorothy DeLay (the famous violin pedagogue), and currently Mrs. Avery Fisher, Mr. Skitch Henderson (Conductor of the New York Pops), Senator Christopher Dodd, Mr. Peter Duchin (the famous band leader), Ezra Laderman (the renowned composer and former Dean of Music at Yale) and June Dunbar (formally the head of the Dance Division at the Juilliard School of Music).

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