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The Helen Armstrong String Instruments Program
The Morris Wade Wind Instruments Program

The Students’ Music Enrichment Program represents the core mission of Armstrong Chamber Concerts. The Program’s goal is to further develop an existing music curriculum, or to initiate new music programs, in public and private schools. We present a broad range of world-renowned artists who actively work with students and teachers on a continuing basis.

Specifically, the Program provides:

• Three two-day residencies in schools during which artists engage in workshops, seminars, lectures, demonstrations and performances. Fewer or shorter residencies can also be arranged

• Coaching for the schools’ choruses, bands and orchestras as well as working with students one on one

• Introduction to a wide variety of instruments--many previously unknown to these young people--designed to broaden students’ musical knowledge and sharpen skills of those already playing instruments or studying voice

• In-depth appreciation for all kinds of music

• Students with the opportunity to perform with the visiting artists

• Discovery of unusual talents among the student body

• Attendance of children at ACC concerts free of charge

• A way to build discipline and self-esteem that applies to all other areas of learning

New at Shepaug in Washington CT!

Shepaug Valley High School and Armstrong Chamber Concerts are jointly inaugurating a greatly expanded Music Enrichment Program for this coming school year. Professional wind, brass, and string performers will visit the school to work with instrumental music students a total of 34 times this year. The Program will be under the direction of Friso Herman and will include two new specialized instrumental activities The Helen Armstrong String Instruments Program and The Morris Wade Wind Instruments Program. Twenty-eight students in middle school and high school will participate.

In addition to music education, Armstrong Chamber Concerts has instituted four new important honors for instrumental music students at Shepaug School: the Helen Armstrong Scholarship, the Helen Armstrong Award, the Morris Wade Scholarship and the Morris Wade Award. Substantial donor to ACC Morris Wade exemplified excellence in the pursuit of music. Helen Armstrong's refinement as a performer, her dedication to this community, and her determination to bring first-rate performers in direct contact with music students are embodied in these awards and scholarships.

Schools that have participated in ACC’s Music Enrichment Program:

• Region 12 schools in Washington, Roxbury & Bridgewater, CT

• Litchfield High School, Litchfield, CT

• New Milford, CT public schools

• The Devereaux-Glenholme School, Washington, CT

• Woodbury-Bethlehem Elementary Schools, CT

• Greenwich Country Day, Greenwich, CT

• King & Low - Heywood Thomas School, Stamford, CT

• Young Audiences of Connecticut

• Side by Side Community School, South Norwalk, CT

• Fox Run Elementary School, West Norwalk, CT

• Holy Rosary School, Port Chester, NY

• Young Womens’s Leadership School, NY, NY

• Immaculate Concept School, Bronx, NY

• St. Catherine Academy, Bronx, NY

• Bridgeport Public Schools, Bridgeport, CT

• Brearley School, NY, NY

• High Horizons School, Bridgeport, CT

• Multicultural School, Bridgeport, CT

• Marin School, Bridgeport, CT

• Parkway Elementary School, Greenwich, CT

• North Street Elementary School, Greenwich, CT

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